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Match in England – River Wye Spring Two Festival


The River Wye Spring Two Day Festival was another sell out and other great event. This is an event that Fishing IT is very proud to support and sponsor, through Milo and Bait-Tech.

The river was in a great condition in the build up to this match and day one certainly didn’t disappoint the first day was topped by a superb 57lb by Lee Edwards. Lee caught mostly Chub on Waggler and Maggots. Second place was Andrew Murphy with 49lb and third was Doug Foreshaw with 46lb.

The cold weather and lack of colour on the second day, has slowed sport to typical winter fishing with a quite a few anglers not catching any fish. There was still some great weights, and another 50lb winning net. This time by Tredegar’s Anglings Mark Jones. Second place went to Steve Sanders with 37lb.

Overall Derron Harper won the event, and deservedly so after being so consistent on this river not only for this festival but the past few years. Doug Foreshaw was second and Mark Jones 3rd

Weather is always going to be a danger at this time of year but that can be handled that if 50lb keeps winning.

The River Wye remains a river where Anglers continually experience the match of their lives, and long may it continue.

For Fishingmania – Iain Swanson – Fishing IT

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