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Steve Ringer speaks about the 2015 WC in Holland


1. First of all congratulations for the third consecutive title (between individual and team). Can you explain to Fishingmania’s visitors how Preston Innovations Team England has set this world championship? And also can you tell us about your two days of competition.

As a team we fished two lines, one at 25m and one at 39m. The short line we actually moved further out as the practice week progressed as it became apparent the fish were easily spooked so were moving out from the bank. On the short line we fed 2 kilos of Terre De Somme at the start to form a bed with 100ml of joker, 100ml of casters and the same of chopped worms in. The long line was more about fishing for a bite so we used a mix of Sensas magic with a little sweetener added to give it a boost. The idea was that if we got a bite on the short line it would be a bonus fish, as in Bream or big perch, on day 1 I caught a bream and a perch short whereas on day 2 Adam Wakelin, Mick Vials and my brother Phil all caught bream short.
Tackle wise on the long line I used my 12-13 Tournament rod at 12’ with a 4012 TDR reel loaded with 0.10 Guru Pulse8 braid to a shock leader of 10lb tournament ST. Feeders were Nisa small plastic open ends carrying 44 grams. Hooklength line was 0.128 Drennan double strength with a size 18 Tubertini series 18 hook.
Short I used my 11ft Tournament quiver again with a 4012 reel and same braid but a lighter 8lb shock leader. Feeder choice was the small Nisa but carrying just 28 grams, hooklength 0.128 Drennan double strength to a size 16 Tubertini series 18 hook.

On day 1 I managed 2 roach long in the first hour for around 500 grams. I then managed a 500-gram perch plus a bream of around a kilo and a small roach short for a section winning 2 kilo and 60 grams.

On day 2 I went 3 hours without a bite at the start and then on 3 hours I went just past my feed and caught a roach and a perch in 3 casts. I then managed a late 350-gram skimmer to give me 800g in total and a section second.

2. How many time did you go in Holland to try the venue?

As a team we went twice before the world championship week, the first time for two days to have a quick look and get kit right. Then the second was for 6 days which took in the Euro feeder friendly as well. We had also fished the canal for the euro friendly the previous two years so it was a venue we had prior knowledge of which definitely helped although the fishing got harder each time we fished.

3. What do you think about the Canal of Terneuzen? Seeing the final results, the fishness wasn’t so good. Maybe wasn’t it a suitable venue for this kind of competition?

Yes the fishing was hard but I always felt it would be a fishing match as in the teams that worked the venue out would come away with the medals. I honestly believe the best three teams took the medals by getting the tactics right over the two days. Ideally yes there would be more fish but it was still a fair venue and it made a very close world championships.

4. In this edition of World Championship, many other teams were very strong. There were also teams not favourite for the final victory or for the podium, like France or Portugal. What do you think about this two and others teams? The level of feeder championship is every year more high than the past?

I always said that there would be a team that would surprise everyone and this year it was France. I think tactically they were excellent over the two days and deserved their place on the podium. Portugal from what I gather were more positive as a team and fished for bigger fish, we didn’t think this was a reliable approach for team gold and so it proved but it did give them their best finish yet and also a very deserving individual world champion. As for the standard I think it is getting higher every year and teams are also getting more professional both on and off the bank which has to be good for the future of the competition.

5. In Ireland was more simple to win the title than the WC in Holland? And then the Team England fished with less pressure than in the past, when you were obliged to win?

I think working out the winning tactics was a lot easier in Ireland as it was what I would call a method water as in everyone could fish the same and there were lots of bites to be had. This year was more technical and whilst there was a team plan it relied on individuals working out their pegs as they went along a lot more. So in answer I would say this year was a lot harder to win due to the fact there were so few fish to be caught. As for pressure I don’t think that really affects the team anymore, there was more pressure in Ireland before we won our first gold. So winning that actually took pressure off us as a team.

6. Also this year the title of individual world championship was very possible for you (and also for your brother), but whit two sections for every zone there were eight fishermen with only 3 penalties. What do you think about this idea to divide the 5 zone in two sections?

That’s a difficult question, personally I prefer the bigger sections as per Ireland as that way you are fishing against all the teams. Sometimes when you need to take points off another team its hard to do so as in 3 out of the 5 sections you aren’t actually fishing against that team. On an individual front though I would say the small sections are fairer as it takes away some of the end peg advantage.

7. Which is the secret of success of Team England?

I think hard work and a very good manager in Tommy Pickering. He organizes us really well during practice so every base is covered. I also think as a team we are very professional in the way we set out our training sessions to make sure we get the most from them. Sometimes it’s just as important to rule methods out as to find ones that are actually working. That said I feel teams are getting better and better so staying at the top is only going to get harder and harder in years to come.

8. Did you use some of your products in this WC?

No it wasn’t that type of venue.

9. In the last, when do you start to prepare the 2016 WC in Serbia?

If we knew the venue now for definite I think Tommy would have already planned a trip. As it is Serbia is over 20 hours driving for us so its not going to be an easy venue to get too. That said once the venue is confirmed we will look to have at least one trip before official practice starts. Serbia will be new for us as it isn’t a venue that we have fished before whereas in both Ireland and Terneuzen firstly the venues weren’t too far away and secondly we already had some information on them.

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